Making the Right Choice: Tips for Selecting a Comfortable Sofa Bed

How Much Should You Budget for Your Sofa Bed?

Whatever your budget, Furniture Story offers a vast selection of comfortable sofa beds. They fit all financial plans. Quality should not be compromised by price. Every customer finds a suitable option within their desired budget range. By investing in a sofa bed from Furniture Story, you get exceptional value for your money.

What size options are available for sofa beds?

At Furniture Story, we provide a range of sofa bed sizes. They include 2-seaters, 3-seaters, corner sofa beds, and even U-shaped sofa beds. Our diverse selection ensures you find the perfect fit for your space. Whether it’s a cosy apartment or a spacious living room. With our range of sizes, you accommodate guests comfortably without compromising style or functionality.

Are sofa beds suitable for everyday use?

If you plan to use your sofa bed regularly, consider opting for a fold-out mattress option. Separate mattresses prevent overuse, offering a cost-effective solution for long-term comfort. At Furniture Story, we prioritise durability and practicality. Your sofa bed remains in top condition even with frequent use. With proper care and maintenance, our sofa beds withstand the demands of daily use. They provide comfort and convenience for years to come.

Do sofa beds come with extra features?

Our Imperio sofa comes with Adjustable headrests with a Dolphin Type sofa bed.

Our sofa beds at Furniture Story maximise functionality and versatility. In addition to comfortable seating and sleeping arrangements, some models offer extra features. They include under-seat storage, adjustable headrests, and recliner options. These added benefits enhance your overall living experience. Making your sofa bed a valuable addition to any home. With our range of features, you can customise your sofa bed to meet your specific needs and preferences. Creating a functional and stylish centrepiece for your living space.

What Type of Sofa Bed Would Be Best for Your Home?

Dolphin AKA Delfin Type Sofa Bed

The Dolphin sofa bed, also known as the Delfin type sofa bed, features a mechanism commonly used in corner sofas. It offers a quick and easy unfolding process, practical for those with parquet or wooden flooring. With a special cart beneath the seat, you simply pull it out and lift up for instant readiness. This system often includes storage beneath the chaise, ideal for bedding storage. The resulting sleeping surface is even and guarantees a restful night’s sleep. The Lavos corner sofa is a prime example of furniture utilising this mechanism, offering quick and easy conversion into a spacious bed without moving the sofa away from the wall. Furniture Story’s Lavos Corner Sofa Bed showcases the efficiency and comfort of the Dolphin system.

DL Sofa Bed

The DL sofa bed boasts a straightforward unfolding mechanism, involving pulling out part of the seat and folding the backrest to create an even sleeping surface. One of its major advantages is the ability to unfold without moving the furniture away from the wall. It’s a convenient option for any space. This system is renowned for its quick operation and spacious sleeping surface. With additional storage for bedding beneath the seats. While some sofas may exhibit a slight depression where the seat joins the backrest, well-designed models minimise this issue. The Selva Corner Sofa Bed from Furniture Story exemplifies the efficiency and comfort of the DL system. Offering a seamless transition from sofa to bed without sacrificing space or convenience.

Pull Out Mattress AKA The Belgian System

The Pull Out Mattress, also known as the Belgian System or Sedak, is reminiscent of field beds. It’s due to its construction and shape. This system, exemplified by the Frances Corner Sofa Bed, features a relatively simple unfolding process. It involves pulling out the folded inside construction from a compartment under the seat. Unfolding the entire structure by resting the frame elements on unfolding legs. The resulting bed comprises a steel or aluminium structure covered with a foam mattress. While sofas with the Belgian system lack additional space for storing bed linen. It’s due to the filled compartment under the seats. The resulting sleeping surface is even and comfortable. However, individuals with heavier weight may find this construction less suitable. It’s due to its relatively light design.

Easy-action Mechanism AKA The Italian System

The Easy-action Mechanism, commonly referred to as the Italian System, is employed in sofa beds like the Cali model. Unfolding furniture using this system is exceptionally straightforward. Taking mere seconds to complete. Transforming the sofa into a bed entails pulling a handle located behind the seat part. Revealing the structure inside. A double-sided mattress, attached to the metal frame using clips, ensures an extremely comfortable sleeping surface. Thanks to the quality of the mattress, users can enjoy a restful night’s sleep without feeling as though they are sleeping on a sofa. The Cali model exemplifies the ease and comfort associated with the Italian system. Providing a seamless transition from sofa to bed with minimal effort.

Click-Clack Fold-out System

The Click-Clack Fold-out System is synonymous with folding sofas. Offering a quick, comfortable, and effortless fold-out mechanism. Lift the seat until you hear the distinctive “click-clack.” Then lower it down to reveal a perfect sleeping surface. Depending on the model, ensure you have space behind the sofa. It’s also sufficient room to bring the sofa forward when converting it into a bed. Furniture Story’s Venice 2 Seater Sofa Bed showcases the style and convenience of the click-clack sofa bed. Offering a stylish solution for both seating and sleeping needs.

Comfortable Sofa Bed Sleeping

Selecting the right mattress is crucial for achieving optimal comfort when using a sofa bed for sleeping. With various mattress options available, including foam, innerspring, and air-over-coil. It’s essential to choose one that aligns with your preferences and budget. A thicker mattress, measuring at least 5 inches, ensures a restful night’s sleep. Enhancing your overall comfort and satisfaction. Additionally, consider factors such as mattress firmness and support. Ensuring a comfortable sleeping surface that promotes restful sleep. With our range of mattress options, you can customise your sofa bed. Creating the perfect sleeping environment for you and your guests.

Think About the Functionality

While focusing on the aesthetic appeal of your sofa bed, don’t overlook the importance of functionality. Consider the ease of assembly and operation. Ensuring that the opening mechanism allows for effortless transformation from sofa to bed. Take accurate measurements of your space to ensure a seamless fit. Enhancing the functionality and practicality of your sofa bed. Additionally, consider features such as built-in storage and adjustable components. Maximising space and versatility in your living area. With our range of functional and stylish sofa beds, you can create a comfortable and inviting space for relaxation and sleep.

Furniture Story’s Versatile Sofa Bed Collection

Selecting a comfortable sofa bed requires careful consideration of various factors. Including size, budget, and functionality. At Furniture Story, we offer a diverse range of sofa beds designed to meet your specific needs and preferences. Explore our collection online to find the perfect sofa bed. Combining comfort, style, and practicality for your home. Shop now for a comfortable sofa bed with Furniture Story.

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