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Discover comfort and style at our premier online store, wher sofa corners blend allure with your desires.

As the UK’s top destination for corner sofas, our collection merges contemporary charm with timeless comfort.

Options range from corner chaise sofas to classic corner settees. Explore British craftsmanship in our comprehensive corner sofas UK, designed to harmonise with your living space.

For modern sophistication, our modern corner sofas boast sleek lines. If space is a concern, compact corner sofas offer elegant solutions without compromising luxury.

Our core is the versatile corner sofa, merging style and practicality. From 3-seater corner sofas to cosy corner couches, affordability is reflected in the corner sofa cheap options.

Imagine left corner sofas fitting overlooked nooks, or small corner sofas UK in compact retreats. Craftsmanship shines in each corner sofa for sale, blending form and function.

Experience the allure of the range corner sofa, meeting your quality standards. For relaxation, the corner sofa with chaise invites unwinding. Corner sofas for living rooms redefine spaces.

From chic modern corner sofas to timeless corner settees for sale, our collection caters to diverse tastes. Left-hand facing corner sofas or right-hand facing corner sofas, your preference is met. Discover corner sofa small room editions for cosy spaces.

Our corner sofa store delights beyond sales, elevating lifestyles. Corner sofas for small spaces merge aesthetics with functionality.

Embrace the allure of the corner sofa living room, a haven for conversations. Revel in the corner sofa right hand or embrace the warmth of a corner sofa with legs, reflecting your style.

Our corner sofas cheap collection balances affordability and excellence. With options like cheap corner sofas under £500, vision becomes reality.

Immerse in corner couches, indulge in corner sofa large designs, and uncover comfort with corner sofa units. Choose our online sofa store for a journey beyond furniture, where pursuit of perfection thrives.

FAQs – Corner Sofa Size and Shape

Q: What sizes do your corner sofas come in?

  • A: Our range includes 2-seater, 3-seater, and even 6-seater corner sofas to fit various spaces.

Q: Do you offer compact options for small rooms?

  • A: Yes, we have compact corner sofas designed for smaller spaces while ensuring comfort and style.

Q: Are there larger corner sofas for bigger gatherings?

  • A: Absolutely, we have 7-seater and 8-seater corner sofas for those who love entertaining.

Q: Can you suggest corner sofas with a high back?

  • A: Certainly, we offer high back corner sofas providing excellent support and comfort.

Q: Do you have deeper seating choices?

  • A: Yes, we offer comfy and deep corner sofas for a luxurious lounging experience.

Q: Are there options for extra-large spaces?

  • A: Indeed, we have extra-large and huge corner sofas suitable for spacious areas.

Q: Can I find corner sofas with specific dimensions?

  • A: Certainly, we offer various sizes, including the 200cm corner sofa, ensuring a perfect fit.

Q: Are there options for small rooms?

  • A: Yes, our small corner sofas and settees are tailored for compact spaces without compromising style.

Q: What if I need a corner sofa for a very small room?

  • A: We have solutions, including very small corner sofas maximizing tight spaces.

Q: Do you offer corner sofas with extra features?

  • A: Absolutely, we provide recliners, chaise, and sets catering to different preferences.

Q: Can you suggest specific styles?

  • A: From leather recliner to black or sectional corner sofas, we have diverse styles to match your taste.

Q: How about specific configurations?

  • A: We offer various configurations, including left and small right-hand corner sofas, ensuring a perfect match for your layout.

FAQs – Colours of Corner Sofas

Q: Do you offer grey corner sofas?

  • A: Yes, including dark and light grey options.

Q: Are blue corner sofas available?

  • A: Certainly, in various shades.

Q: Do you have navy corner sofas?

  • A: Absolutely, for a sophisticated touch.

Q: Are pink corner sofas an option?

  • A: Yes, to add vibrant charm.

Q: What about shades of grey?

  • A: We offer dark grey and light grey choices.

Q: Can I find affordable grey options?

  • A: Yes, including cheap grey corner sofas.

Q: Are mustard corner sofas available?

  • A: Indeed, for a unique flair.

Q: Do you provide red corner sofas?

  • A: Yes, for bold statements.

Q: Are black and grey combinations available?

  • A: Certainly, black and grey corner sofas.

Q: Can I find green corner sofas?

  • A: Yes, including green chaise corner sofas.

Q: What about shades like olive green?

  • A: Absolutely, including olive green corner sofas.

Q: Are cream or beige options available?

  • A: Yes, corner cream and cream fabric corner sofas.

FAQ – Corner Sofa Materials

Q: Do you offer leather corner sofas?

  • A: Yes, including brown leather options for elegance.

Q: What about fabric choices?

  • A: We provide fabric and fabric UK selections.

Q: Can I find leather and fabric combinations?

  • A: Certainly, leather and fabric corner sofas offer versatility.

Q: Are chaise corner sofas available?

  • A: Yes, providing added comfort.

Q: Do you have natural-toned options?

  • A: Indeed, including natural and taupe corner sofas.

Q: Are luxury corner sofas offered?

  • A: Absolutely, for a premium experience.

Q: Can I find designer corner sofas?

  • A: Yes, for distinctive style.

Q: What about modern designs?

  • A: We offer modern and modern small corner sofas.

Q: Do you provide recliner choices?

  • A: Yes, including recliner corner sofa sale options.

Q: Can I find velvet corner sofas?

  • A: Yes, adding a touch of velvet luxury.

Q: Are materials tailored for small spaces?

  • A: Indeed, including small corner leather sofas and fabric choices.

Q: What about unique designs?

  • A: We offer diverse corner sofa designs to suit various tastes.

Corner sofa for special tasks

We are proud to showcase our l-shaped sofa ranges. At Furniture Story to take great pride in selecting our ranges to ensure we only offer high quality upholstered sectional sofas with style.

No matter what type of l shaped sofa you are looking for, we are confident that you will find something you love within our ranges. We cooperate with best European producers of fabric corner sofa and leather sectional sofas.

Quality sectional stylish sofas

At Furniture Story you will only find quality sectional stylish sofas. Within our ranges we offer a vast stunning selection of corner sofas and sectional couch.

An l-shaped sofa can snugly fit in a corner of a room, making it one of the most space efficient type of sofa. Over the years they have became the most popular in homes, they fit nicely within small rooms and looks great in larger spaces also. Sectional sofas are the top sensational sofa’s this year. The corner sofa chaise is ideally to put your feet up and enjoy time with you loved ones.

From leather corner sofa to fabric corner sofa, within our site you will find a stunning selection. We pride ourself on offering the most stylish and trendy sofas which are made to last. All of our frames on our sectional couch are built from solid wood and we only offer high quality fabrics.

Our sofas are the heart of our home, it’s not an impulse buy.  A corner couch is a long term purchase. The average life span of a sofa is 7-15 years. You need to take time to find the right sectional sofa for you and your family.

Long-lived l shaped sofa

A single l shaped sofa takes between 300 to 600 hours of skilled labour. You may wonder why it takes so long for a sofa to be made. The skill-full specialist at our manufacturers take great care in every single stage of production. At first Woodworkers will cut trees in the forest and wood will be supplied to the manufacture. Before will be past to the carpenters wood have to go through several preparation process. After safety treatment woodworkers/ carpenters will cut each piece to the exact measurements, the number of pieces needed to make a frame is more than most people think. The structure of corner couch is then assembled with care, to ensure that each join is properly fitted. The assemble frame is inspected to make sure there is no flaw in the assembly process. Once the frame passes the inspection the sofa is moved to the upholstery department for the upholstered sectional pieces to be worked on. The talented seamstress team takes the fabric chosen and cuts out all the pieces needed, then they get to work sewing each piece together. Once the covers have been made they are then inspected to ensure that the seams are correctly stitched. Then the fabric sectional cushions are filled with high quality, fire safe foam/fibre. The highly experienced upholsterers covers the frame with foam, webbing and the fabric selected. Just one more inspection is needed, once the corner sofa has had its seal of approval it is then ready to be wrapped and delivered with care to your home. Our products are handcrafted… Making quality sofa’s take time, and as we take our time we are confident to offer a 10 year guarantee.

We don’t just offer fabric sectional sofas we also offer leather sectional sofas in a range of colours. Choose from our natural leather collections of our eco leather fabric range. Leather corner sofa are hard wearing and durable.

All the fittings, brackets, legs… We are using best trusted components to finish off our products.

When crafting our sectional sofa, we remember: to delight, to satisfy, to guarantee comfort, but above all to last and stay with you for longer period of time. Sit back and relax. We would like to offer you a journey to the world of inspiration details and passion in which Furniture Story is crated. Let us be your companion on this journey.

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