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In the world of sofas, size matters. Whether you’re looking for a snug fit for your cosy apartment or a sprawling centrepiece for your spacious living room, Furniture Story has you covered with our ‘By Size‘ category. We understand that every space is unique, so we offer a diverse selection of sofas tailored to fit various dimensions.

FAQs about Sofa Sizes

How do I choose the right sofa size for my living room?

Choosing the right sofa size depends on various factors, such as the dimensions of your living room, the layout, and your personal preferences. Measure your space accurately and consider the flow of movement. A large sofa may dominate a small room, while a petite one might look lost in a cavernous space. Think about how you’ll use the sofa – is it for lounging, entertaining, or both? Our collection includes a range of sizes, from compact 1 seater options to generous 3 seater pieces, ensuring there’s something for every living room size and style.

When browsing, consider the dimensions listed for each sofa and envision how it will fit into your space. Don’t forget to measure doorways and hallways to ensure a smooth delivery process.

Choosing a sofa is not only about size but also about style and functionality. A 1 seater sofa can be a statement piece in a minimalist setting or provide extra seating in a small room without overwhelming the space. For those with larger living areas, 3 seater sofas offer ample space for relaxation and socialising. Consider the shape and design of the sofa to complement your existing decor and create a cohesive look.

Are there different size options for sofas?

Yes, within our collection, we offer a range of sofa sizes to cater to diverse needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a snug 2 seater for intimate conversations or a spacious corner sofa for family movie nights, we have options to suit every space and lifestyle. From small and compact designs to generously proportioned pieces, you’ll find the perfect size for your home in our ‘By Size‘ category.

Finding the right size sofa involves more than just considering the physical dimensions. Think about how the sofa will fit within the layout of your room and how it will complement your existing furniture. A grey two seater sofa can add a touch of elegance to a contemporary space, while a small two seater sofa in grey can create a cosy atmosphere in a modern living room. With our wide range of options, you can find the perfect sofa to enhance your home decor.

What is the difference between shallow and deep seat sofas?

Shallow and deep seat sofas offer distinct seating experiences, each with its pros and cons. Shallow seat sofas have a more upright sitting posture, making them ideal for formal settings or people who prefer proper back support. On the other hand, deep seat sofas provide a more relaxed lounging experience, allowing you to sink in comfortably. They’re perfect for casual gatherings or cosy nights in. While shallow seat sofas promote good posture and easy movement, deep seat sofas offer unparalleled comfort and relaxation.

When choosing between shallow and deep seat sofas, consider your personal preferences and how you intend to use the sofa. If you enjoy curling up with a book or hosting movie nights with friends, a comfortable two seater sofa with deep cushions may be the perfect choice. For those who prefer a more formal seating arrangement or have limited space, a fabric two seater sofa with a shallow seat depth can provide comfort and style without overwhelming the room.

Are there sofas with adjustable seat depths?

Yes, we offer a large range of sofas with adjustable seat depth, providing versatility and comfort tailored to your preferences. Our sofas feature innovative designs where the backrest slides to change the seat depth, allowing you to customise your seating experience effortlessly. Whether you prefer a shallow or deep seat, our adjustable sofas adapt to suit your comfort level, ensuring a personalised lounging experience for you and your guests.

Adjustable seat depth is particularly beneficial for households with multiple users or those with varying comfort preferences. With the ability to customise the seating depth, you can create a comfortable environment for everyone, whether they prefer a firmer or softer feel. Additionally, adjustable seat depth can accommodate different activities, from sitting upright for conversation to reclining for relaxation, making it a versatile choice for any living space.

What is the average seat height for a sofa?

The average seat height for a sofa typically ranges between 17 to 19 inches. This height ensures comfortable seating for most individuals and promotes easy entry and exit. When shopping online, you can filter our collection based on seat height to find sofas that meet your specific requirements. Whether you prefer a lower seat height for a relaxed vibe or a higher seat height for better back support, we offer options to accommodate diverse preferences and needs.

Seat height is a crucial factor to consider when selecting a sofa, as it directly impacts comfort and ergonomics. A low seat height promotes a casual, relaxed atmosphere, ideal for lounging and informal gatherings. However, it may require more effort to get up from for some individuals, particularly those with mobility issues. In contrast, a high seat height offers enhanced support for the back and knees, making it easier to sit down and stand up, which can be beneficial for older adults or individuals with mobility limitations. Average seat height strikes a balance between comfort and accessibility, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs.

Can I find oversized sofas online?

Yes, here at Furniture Story, we offer a range of XL sofas for those seeking extra space and comfort. Our oversized sofas provide ample seating for large families or gatherings, ensuring everyone has a cosy spot to relax and unwind. With generous dimensions and plush upholstery, our XL sofas make a statement while delivering unparalleled comfort and style.

Oversized sofas are perfect for creating a focal point in spacious living rooms or providing additional seating in entertainment areas. A xxl corner sofa can transform a corner of your room into a cosy nook for relaxation or socialising, while an xl sofa bed offers versatility for overnight guests or movie marathons. With our selection of oversized sofas, you can elevate your living space with comfort and style.

Can I find compact sofas for small spaces?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of maximising space in small living areas, which is why we offer a range of compact sofas designed specifically for such environments. Our compact sofas feature sleek designs and clever engineering to provide comfortable seating without overwhelming the room. Whether you’re furnishing a studio apartment, a cosy nook, or a compact living room, you’ll find the perfect solution in our collection.

Compact sofas come in various styles and configurations to suit different spatial constraints and design preferences. A small two seater sofa is ideal for cosy apartments or snug corners, offering comfort without sacrificing style. For those with limited floor space, a 2 seater slim sofa provides sleek, streamlined seating without cluttering the room. With our range of compact sofas, you can maximise your living space without compromising on comfort or aesthetics.

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Finding the perfect sofa size is essential for creating a comfortable and inviting living space. At Furniture Story, our ‘By Size‘ category offers a diverse selection of sofas tailored to fit various dimensions and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a small 1 seater or an expansive 3 seater, we have options to suit every space and lifestyle. With our range of sizes, adjustable features, and thoughtful designs, you can create the perfect seating arrangement for your home. Shop with us today and discover the ideal sofa for your space!

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