1 Seater Sofas

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The allure of the small 1 seater sofa is particularly pronounced in compact living spaces.

Its dimensions seamlessly fit into snug corners and cosy nooks, providing a personal sanctuary for relaxation. However, the emphasis on comfort remains unwavering. Explore our range of sofa beds 1 seater, ingeniously integrating a spare sleeping option within the sleek design. This elevates the one seater sofa into a dual-purpose masterpiece, catering adeptly to both seating and sleeping requirements.

Envision the epitome of relaxation with a recliner one seater.

The ability to adjust the reclining angle adds a touch of luxury to your leisure moments. Many selections within our one seater sofa range boast reclining features, enhancing the allure of unwinding in style.

The zenith of versatility arrives with the sofa bed one seat, a testament to contemporary furniture design. It seamlessly transitions between plush seating during the day and a comfortable bed by night, effortlessly aligning with dynamic urban lifestyles.

And then, the one person sofa bed emerges as a haven for relaxation and dreams.

The sofa 1 seater transcends mere furniture; it becomes an intimate escape from the external commotion. With its solo seating comfort and the potential to transform into a personal haven for slumber, it embodies the essence of individuality.

Beyond its practicality, the sofa one seater weaves a narrative of design excellence. It becomes a conversation starter, an artistic addition that elevates the aesthetic of your living space. The sofa 1 seat embodies more than functionality; it encapsulates a tale intricately woven into your home’s identity.

The one seater sofa surpasses expectations by seamlessly merging form with function and style with efficiency.

From the captivating dimensions of the small 1 seater sofa to the innovative allure of the sofa bed 1 seater, this collection caters to diverse preferences. As you explore, envision the fusion of comfort and style that the one seater sofa introduces to your living space—an exclusive realm curated precisely for you.

One seater sofa – solution for one person

We are proud to showcase our 1 seater sofa ranges. At Furniture Story to take great pride in selecting our ranges to ensure we only offer high quality sofas with style.

No matter what type of small sofa you are looking for, we are confident that you will find something you love within our ranges. We cooperate with best European producers of furniture.

Our collection of one seater sofa chair are beyond beautiful, find your apartment sofa with us. Furniture Story sofas can play a main role in you living room adding a character and a taste to the entire interior. We know that every detail matters so we are sure that you will find something that will express your self. Create your ideal living space with Furniture Story.

A small sofa can be comfortable

Our sofas are the heart of our home, it’s not an impulse buy.  A one seater couch is a long term purchase. The average life span of a small couch is 7-15 years. You need to take time to find the right sofa for you and your family.

What do you use your apartment couch  for? Looking for a snug place to watch films with the family? Or creating a tranquil reading space? And we know that every one deserve a longed – for moment of rest. With our 1 seater couch models we also offer matching footstools. A great place to put your feet up while watching football.

English standards for apartment sofa

We will do our best to make you trust us as we know the importance of this word. By trusting us you will let us be your imagination. Share your dreams with us then we will do the rest… Shape, colour and a unique character… we will make it your as much as is possible. Get a bespoke service with us, chose your 1 seater sofa model and then select a fabric from our vast range.

If your indecisive about your fabric choice for your one seater sofa we have friendly advisers available to help.

All of our apartment sofa models are built to the highest standards and in line with UK standards. The frames are built from solid wood and the fixtures used are study and made to last. All cushions are filled with high quality foam and skill-fully upholstered.

Find many different types of one seater couch models

Style is key, its best to select a 1 seater couch which is fitting the style of our room, or chose a small sofa and style your room around it. Within our shop you will see many styles, from traditional to modern and everything in-between; contemporary, minimalist, mid century modern, modern farmhouse, chic, glam, rustic, industrial, Scandinavian, art deco and bohemian.

Within our range you will find many different types of one seater couch models; high backs, low back, straight back, cushion backs, scatter cushion backs, adjustable backs, classic round arms, square arms, wedge arms, adjustable arms, sloped arms, wing-back arms, sofa which recline and many many more.

All the fittings, brackets, legs… We are using best trusted components to finish off our small couch ranges.

When crafting our apartment couch models, we remember: to delight, to satisfy, to guarantee comfort, but above all to last and stay with you for longer period of time. Sit back and relax. We would like to offer you a journey to the world of inspiration details and passion in which Furniture Story is crated. Let us be your companion on this journey.

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