Benefits of choosing a Beige Sofa

Why choose a beige sofa over a colourful sofa?

You may worry that a beige sofa may be too bland or plain for your space, but I assure you there is more to having a beige sofa than you first thought.

Create a versatile foundation

Unlike a bold colour sofa a beige sofa creates a versatile foundation for you to work with. Trends and style change, if you have a colourful sofa it is hard to change up the style of your room. Whereas a beige sofa can be dressed and styled to your liking, add splashes of colour with pillows and throws. Typically our sofas are the main focus piece in a room, the adjacent furniture such as coffee tables and side boards can change frequently over time, a sofa purchase is normally stays with us for 7 to 15 years. This is why a beige or neutral sofas are ideal purchase for a long term.

Mango Corner Sofa Bed

Match with adjacent furniture

As mentioned other furniture in our living room changes over time to adapt to our needs. When you have a beige sofa to work around, most colours and styles of furniture such as coffee tables and side tables will easily complement your sofa. You can add a splash of colour into your lounge by adding a colourful foot stool or armchair.

Changing your wall colour

When you have a colourful sofa this limits the colour changes of your walls. Most of us would purchase a colourful sofa to match our existing wall colour, but when it comes to moving home or changing your wall colour it will limit your choices. Having a beige sofa opens up your options drastically, there isn’t a colour that doesn’t complement beige, beige goes with everything!

Piano Corner Sofa Bed

Tranquil and relaxing vibe

Create a warm and relaxing space with a beige sofa. The earthy and warm tones of beige brings a sense of the outdoors as it’s light and airy. We are spending more time in our homes, creating a tranquil space helps with our well-being.

Sense of Spaciousness

With a beige sofa you can maximise your space, as beige is a light colour it will open up your interior space, keeping your room fresh and airy. If your shopping for a large corner sofa but worried that a bold colour will overpower your space, try it in a beige colour as it will soften the look and keep your lounge looking spacious.

Naomi U Shape Sofa Bed

Overall a beige sofa is a perfect option for people who like to change up there living room style. And ideal for smaller spaces as it won’t be overbearing.

At Furniture Story we offer a vase colour palette in beige. There is not just one colour, beige can have undertones of colours, mostly earthly tones. Have a look through our Fabric Gallery to pick your perfect shade to complement your chosen sofa.

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