Cocooning Curves Trend

We all need a bit of comfort theses days, we are spending more time at home than ever, having a space where you feel at peace is crucial to our well-being.

This is why curvy furniture is trending, it’s not the shape that is key but it’s the feeling that gives us.

Its natural for us to seek comfort, this is why the idea of ‘cocooning’ in a safe space give us sense of serenity and homely comfort.

Here are a few tips to help give you the cocooning feel.

Hugo corner sofa

1. Curved sofas – Chose a sofa that is full of curves and is large enough for you to lay down and stretch out on. The curvy shape of the sofa will also make your lounge more appeasing than sharp angles. Low armrests are key as this will cradle your head as you sleep. Our Hugo corner sofa is designed for resting, with the curved arms it is the ultimate relaxing sofa.

Futuro corner sofa

2. Deep seats – If your not a fan of curvy sofas, chose a sofa with deep seats and a low back and subtle curves. Pair this with a plush blanket, wrap yourself up and enjoy a well deserved rest. If your after a lavish stylish sofa we would recommend our Futuro corner sofa.

Prato corner sofa

3. Texture – The fabric of the sofa is important, this does come down to personal preference. Most of use would look for a soft plush fabric such as velvet or for the ultimate comfort a thick fleece like fabric. At Furniture Story we have a large selection of fabrics, you can chose any sofa from our range and select the fabric that screams comfort to you. We are proud to showcase our Prato corner sofa, fleece is the most popular choice as this sofa is all about snugness.

Once you have created a cocooning space in your home you and your family will benefit. Remember to make time for yourself to unwind, take charge of your well-being and relax in your cocoon!

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