How to Style a Brown Sofa

Rich, warm and earthy. The colour that is connected to earth and in our home it creates a warm relaxing feel. It also brings a sense of nature in our home for that tranquil feeling.

It is not a fleeting trend, it became popular in the seventies and is great for people who want to opt for warm hues in their home.

If to much brown is used in a room it can be overwhelming, be selective of the furnishing you choose. There is a risk of making the room to dark if you over do it.

Which colours complement brown?

Using complementary colours for your furnishings will make each colour look more vibrant. Mix muted neutral colours such as white, creams and khakis to create a warm and relaxing space. These colours helps to lift to brown sofa, without these neural tones your lounge may end up looking a sombre.

Which colours contrasts brown?

If you want to add splashes of colour with your smaller furnishing to go with a brown sofa using blues, greens terra-cotta, and rusty red. Most colours which you find in nature will suit your brown sofa. Using contrasting colours against a brown sofa will create an energetic yet warm feel to your room.

Mix in textures with small furnishings

The textures of your small furnishings will have an impact on the overall feel to your lounge. If you wanting to achieve a rustic feel opt for natural textures such as a wood grain coffee table or faux sheep skin rug. For a more urban feel use smoother textured pieces such as a metal floor lamp or a modern style mirrored sideboard.

Different shades of brown sofas

The shade of your sofa will make an impact on the overall feel of your living room. Choosing the right shade is key as our sofas are the foundation which we style our room around.

Tan Brown – On the softer scale of browns, tan brown works well with complementary colours to enhance its orange hues, adding a subtle colour to your space.

Dark Brown – Deep, warm and cosy. Darker sofas works better with splashes contrasting colours and with neutral coloured walls, this will help to lighten the room.

Mid Brown – A mix of the above, it’s a safer choice if you are worried that a dark brown will be to much in your space but your not a fan of the subtle colour hues in tan browns. Works well with either complementary or contrasting colours. Making it more versatile.

A couple of benefits of having a brown sofa.

– Low maintenance, if your in a family home a brown sofa may be ideally as the dark colour hides most stains.

– Versatile, sofas are long term purchases but small furnishings can change. Trends and styles can change, with a brown sofa it gives you the flexibility of restyling your room without replacing your sofa.

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