Scandinavian Style Living

The Scandinavian trend came around in the middle of the 20th century, in the 1950s and 60s. It is a simple clean style that is all about maximising your living space.

Started in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland as they needed to create a cosy and comfortable, yet practical living space for their long winters. It is now a mainstream trend used in interior design. The style maximises the sense light within a room, using muted colours and clean lines inside.

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How to create a Scandinavian feel within your home

The key factors of this style is muted, neutral colours like beige, grey or tan. Then accent colours can be sparingly with smaller furnishings. When picking furniture, look at wood grains as this helps to achieve the scandi vibe.

For your wall colours, choose a soft white or beige. If you have large open windows with a lovely view this style will be easier for you to create in your home. If your do not have much natural light in your room, pick out a couple of lamps. Having a well lit room is key, as the point of using muted coloured furniture is so the light bounces and reflects to create the open Scandinavian style.

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Scandinavian sofas

When picking out your sofa and large items for your lounge it is important to pick something with clean straight lines avoid anything with curves. Fabric wise, anything with texture like jumbo cord is a big no. Pick a fabric which is untextured such as a polyester or linen blend in beige, grey or tan.

To add cosiness, dress your sofa with subtle textured scatter cushions and throws. Striped items are commonly used, if your are looking at patterned cushions or throws chose a geometric style or fluffy fabrics. A soft fully rug will add warmth to the space also, a sheepskin rug will elevate the room.

Declutter your space! Keep your lounge tidy, use storage ottomans and wood grain side boards to keep everything in its place. Scandinavian living is all about creating a comfortable, peaceful and practical, any clutter in the room with undo the work your done to make your tranquil living space.

Key points to achieve Scandinavian living.

– Use neutral colours like beige, grey or tan

– For furniture pick out wood grains such as pine.

– Pick a sofa with clean straight lines

– Avoid textured/patten fabrics for sofas

– Add cosiness with throws and pillows.

– Clean living, everything should have its place.

Follow these tips and your lounge will be a sensory sanctuary. Make your perfect place to relax and unwind after a stressful day.

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