The Biophilic Trend

Bring spring into your home by added greenery.

Our desire to be linked to nature is more crucial than ever. We need nature in our lives, the scientific community says it’s reduces our anxiety and stress and increases our attention and creativity.

Most of us dream of having a summer house overlooking a gorgeous landscaped garden….. If your dream is still out of reach here are some tips to bring a garden into your lounge.

Mango Corner Sofa Bed

1. Neutral colours for walls and sofa’s and then add an over sized potted plant.

Having neutral colours for your walls and sofas helps to accomplish a spacious airy outdoor feel. Then add an oversized potted plant which will then become the feature in the room, the green foliage will ‘pop’ against the calm colours of your living space.

Havana Corner Sofa Bed

2. Large windows overlooking nature, bold colour walls and potted plants.

If you have large windows in your lounge which has a beautiful view it will be easy to add the biophilia aesthetic to your home. Pick a bold colour which complements the green view, this helps to add an earthy feel. Fill your room with a selection of small potted plants or keep it simple with an oversized plant.

3. Create a feature wall with light coloured sofa bold coloured furnishes.

If you have a busy lifestyle you may not have time to maintain plants within your home. This is an effective way to bring nature into your lounge, pick a feature wall and cover this with a foliage filled wallpaper. To keep the airy feel choose a light coloured sofa, then add ascents of colour with your furnishes. When adding the final touches pick colours which reminds you of flowers as these will complement the greenery of your feature wall.

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