Right-hand or left-hand sofa. Which one to choose?

Right-hand or left-hand sofa. Which one to choose?

When deciding to buy a corner sofa we often face a choice – right or left corner? Sometimes the choice is obvious and is dictated by the layout of the room, in which the piece of furniture will stand. In some cases, however, we can decide what corner to choose. How do you decide which orientation of sofa to choose and what are the ways to distinguish them from each other?

How to distinguish a left-handed from a right-handed sofa?

One of the easiest ways to distinguish the left sided corner sofa from the right corner is a comparison of their shape to letters. The L-shaped corner is left side. If the shape of the sofa resembles the letter P, we say that’s right-sided. Or to assess whether the corner is right or left, view the sofa face on; if the corner chaise is protruding from the left hand side its a left corner. Or if the chaise is on the right, it’s a right sided sofa. It is worth taking time to consider which orientation to choose.

The size of the room and its shape:

A sofa or corner sofa is one of the largest pieces of furniture within the room it is also the focal point of the living room. When choosing a sofa, you should match it to yours preferences, but also the shape and size of the room. A large piece of furniture, although very comfortable, may interrupt the functionally of the living room or can block walkways and doors. The shape of the room is important when choosing a sofa. If the corner is to be placed lengthwise to the walls, it is worth choosing a right-sided or left-sided sofa – depending on which side is a wall. Another option is to use the corner chaise as a separating element to divide different different zones in an open living plan space.

A corner chase will visually separate areas such as the living room from the kitchen or a seating area from the dining room. A corner sofa is perfect for a larger room, although in a smaller room may also prove to be a good choice. A corner sofa takes up less space than a classic sofa with additional seats.

The size of the sofa before and after unfolding:

If you plan to buy a fold-out corner, take its dimensions into account before making a choice. Often, a corner sofa with a sleeping function turns out to be larger when unfolded. There are also several ways to unfold the corners. Some corner sofa models also have additional functions – retractable footrests, reclining backrest, etc. Although when using these options, the dimensions of the sofa should not change, it is worth considering these functions when buying a new piece.

Corner or sofa? Which piece of furniture to choose?

A classic sofa is usually slightly smaller than a corner sofa and does not have an additional chaise on one side. Choosing a corner sofa allows you to rest in almost any position – the corner seats are very comfortable. Both the right corner sofas and the left corner sofas allow for a satifiying rest in many positions – sitting, lying or reclining.

A right-hand sofa or a left-hand sofa – when to choose a corner sofa in given room shape?

To help decide which orientation would best suit your room it is worth drawing up a top view sketch of your room. Mark your door ways, TV, coffee table and other elements of your room. It may be worth cutting out a shape of a left and right handed sofa to place within you sketch to see which works best. Or to better visualize there are online tools to create simple room design. In some cases, mostly small rooms your options are more limited, only a specific type of sofas will fit well into the layout of the room. Once you have a simple sketch or room design take time to consider the best layout, taking into consideration the walkways, where the window still will lay, how light will flow in your room, the moveability of coffee tables and footstools. When your final layout is ready, the answer to the question of what corner orientation to choose will turn out very much simple and intuitive.

Two-sided corner, U-shaped corner sofa

Some corners are universal – they can be treated both as a left and right handed sofa. Depending on the setting, the universal corner will meet both of these roles. It is symmetrical, which makes it suitable for almost any room. U-shaped sofas can be treated similarly. To some extent, they are both left, and right-hand. U-shaped sofa is usually quite a large piece of furniture, sometimes has a modular construction. The modular sofa allows you to obtain almost any shape and size. However, such furniture is reserved for exceptionally large living rooms. These are very comfortable and can accommodate a lot of people – a good choice when the owner of the house has a large family or is often hosting friends.

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