Wooden Lighting

What is the benefits of wooden lights and how to style around a wooden light?

Bring an element of nature into your home with a wooden light. On a previous post, The Biophilic Trend, I mentioned the benefits of having a connection to nature within our homes. If you are looking to create tranquil feel in your home using natural elements may be the theme for you.

To ensure its complements the rest of the room its best that another wooden natural texture is within the room, such wooden furniture, wood art, or decorative accessories.

Wood and cooler colours works wonderfully together. Having cool colours such as greys, pale blues, mint green and whites will make the wood look warmer.

Milan Ceiling Pendant Light

Wooden lights are versatile and will easily be a focus point of your room. They are great to use for a cottage feel, a Scandinavian style or even a retro feel.

For a bohemian feel, pair your wood textures with ethnic accessories, such as tribal rugs and throws. If your aiming for a eco-chic style keep the room clutter free and have natural light filling the room.

A great thing with wooden lights compared to fabric shaded light is the cleaning, wooden lights just need a quick wipe down whereas fabric shades require more elbow grease to clean.

Milan Ceiling Pendant Light 3

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