Corner sofa or classic sofa – which one to choose?

Corner sofa or classic sofa – which one to choose?

The living room is very often the heart of our home. This is where the household meets after a busy day to relax, talk and spend time together. In the living room, we welcome guests, celebrate, but is also happens to be a space where we are working or even need to sleep. This multifunctional space requires well-thought-out arrangements to perfectly match our needs. The choice of a great functional piece of furniture is always the key. Whether we buy a corner or classic sofa depends on many factors. We will try our best to answer the most common questions and dispel any doubts.

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Corner or classic sofa – why does the size of the living room matter?

When it comes to buying furniture, we know that we are going to have this in our home for several years, this is why it is an important purchasing decision. So let’s take a moment to carefully consider both of our individual preferences and needs, as well as the living room space limitations. Usually the choice is made between the two most popular variants of furniture: a classic sofa and a corner.

Why is this choice so important? Because the design, size and shape of these pieces of furniture make each one a perfect fit to a different interior. A mistake in this selection can significantly affect the final arrangement of the living room. Size of the living room is what usually determines the choice of any furniture and accessories. Keeping the proportions is definitely the key to a harmonious and eye-catching arrangement. In this case, more important than which model we choose is how big it will be. In a small living room, both a mini corner and a classic small sofa will work well. The situation is slightly different when we have a larger room. As you have a choice of long, several-person sofa as well as a wide corner. Putting an oversized piece of furniture is one of the most common mistakes made. If we want to have the largest possible seating area, we forget about maintaining the necessary proportions. An impressive oversized corner can effectively overshadow the living room. In this situation, the rest of the furniture and accessories will simply disappear and the only visible thing in our living room will be oversized sofa. This also works the other way around. U shaped sofas best suited for a large spacious room, that will give you the greatest comfort possible. Classic sofas lovers can afford to freely arrange several models in various sizes.

Sofa’swith a sleeping function – how to choose?

Usually the living room is used for daily rest or occasional guests accommodation. Sometimes this space also becomes our sleeping area. However another important issue in terms of purchase of lounge furniture is sleep comfort. A corner sofa will be much better choice if you are sleeping on the couch every day. Why? First of all, because when unfolded, it offers a much larger sleeping area than classic sofa’s. Secondly the design of the corner chaise allows for an even and comfortable sleeping surface. The sofa is usually more narrow than the corner, so even after it unfolds it wont take up too much room. Of course, in the case of occasional sleeping in the living room, a classic sofa will work just as well as the corner, which is why the frequency of using the sleeping function is so important. Good quality sofa will also have a solid foam on the seat, which will also increases the comfort of sleep.

It’s also very important to mention bedding containers, which most models of both classic and corner sofa’s have. In the case of corners sofa’s they usually have two separate boxes in which we can store bedding, blankets, extra pillows etc. The classic style sofas are normally equipped with just one large container.

The layout of the room and the choice of the sofa

The layout of the room is another important point to consider. Sofas, because of its simple construction should not be a problem in most interiors. We usually place it on a free wall or against a window. The sofa should not interfere with the rest of the furniture. A classic sofa is more mobile than a corners, as it’s easier to move. A corner sofa has a few more restrictions than a classic sofa. Due to its shape, it requires more free space, which is not always easy to implement. Especially in smaller rooms, as there can be significant barriers, such as exit to the balcony, heater or another door to a different room. In such situations, the corner chaise can block access to doors or cover the radiator with its backrest. A disadvantage when purchasing a corner sofa is that we have to pick a fixed orientation for the corner chaise, left or right. This makes the corner shape final. Any changes in the interior of the living room and furniture arrangement would be very difficult if you choose the wrong side. This is worth remembering, especially if you like to frequently rearrange your lounge. On the other hand a corner sofa makes it possible to better manage the space in your living room, as most offer storage and a sleeping area. Contrary to appearances, a small corner can optically give more space than a classic sofa.

Couch and corner – additional possibilities

Due to its size and shape corner sofa’s are rarely combined with additional furniture, such as a footstool. Manufacturers treat it as a complete piece of furniture and do not plan to extend the collection with armchairs or pouffes. Classic sofas, on the other hand, often come in different sizes with the same style. So you can choose a two-seater sofa and a three-seater sofa and put them together in a larger space. Often, pouffes are paired to the couch to accommodate additional guests. Thanks to this, we do not have to select furniture blindly as once you select a sofa from a collection you can easily pick others from the same set to adapt to your needs.

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